moos world

Jun 14

Awesome Hot Cocoa

Madisons Magnificent Hot Cocoa

½ tsp of Salted Carmel hot cocoa Starbucks or any salted carmel hot cocoa
½ tsp of Bellagio Peppermint truffle hot cocoa
¼ tsp of Bellagio White Chocolate hot cocoa
¼ tsp of Bellagio Chocolate Truffle hot cocoa
1 cup of milk
2 mugs
               peppermint bits ( you can crush candy cane if you do not have this)
Step 1:Put all ingredients into one of the mugs except for the milk
Step 2:  Pour milk into the other mug
Step 3: Set microwave for 2 minutes and 15 seconds
Step 4: Put mug with the milk in it and start the microwave
Step 5: Take it out and pour into other mug and mix
Step 6: Add m&m’s and mix with a spoon or any kind of blender’s
Step 7: Now you are almost done just sprinkle the peppermint bits on top and walla your done!
Step 8: WAIT! I almost forgot that I REALLY HOPE YOU LOVE <3  it.